CSTPR has closed May 31, 2020: Therefore, this webpage will no longer be updated. Individual projects are or may still be ongoing however. Please contact CIRES should you have any questions.
Center for Science and Technology Policy Research 15th Anniversary Celebration

CIRES Center for Science and Technology Policy Research 15th Anniversary
Thursday, September 28 at Old Main Chapel, University of Colorado Boulder

15th Anniversary Slideshow

"I recall the days when we negotiated with the University of Colorado and CIRES for the establishment of a science and technology policy research center. Developing the center provided a means of establishing research and education programs that focused on the growing need for a connection between science and society… It was an interesting and exciting time… In today’s world, the center plays an increasingly important role… I hope this celebration showcases the growing need for collaboration – and for developing the frameworks for living on an increasingly vulnerable planet."

- Comments from Susan Avery, former CIRES Director and founding member of CSTPR,
for CSTPR's 15th Anniversary Celebration.

The Case for Clear-Eyed Optimism for Future U.S. and International Science-Policy
by Brian Deese, Former Advisor to President Obama

From restructuring the American auto industry to securing the Paris Climate Agreement, economic and clean energy expert Brian Deese was the President’s point person on some of the most historic undertakings of the Obama administration. During eight years that ran the gamut from financial crisis to momentous achievements in healthcare, environmental protection and bipartisan budget legislation, Deese rose to the position of Senior Advisor, counseling the President and shaping policy on conservation, energy, financial regulation, job creation and the economic impact of healthcare reform. A key driver of U.S. global leadership on climate change, Deese was responsible for engagement with China, India and other major economies and for implementing the Obama energy agenda at home and abroad. He acted as principal negotiator of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 and oversaw the Supreme Court nomination process of Judge Merrick Garland. Bringing perspectives gained in the White House inner circle and the center of major legislative and budget negotiations, Deese provides an insider’s outlook on subjects ranging from the future of healthcare and the economy to the future of our planet.

Center for Science and Technology Policy Research 15th Anniversary Celebration