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Lisa Dilling Presenting at the American Chemical Society Meeting

August 25, 2011

Lisa Dilling will be attending the 242nd American Chemical Society National Meeting in Denver, Aug. 28–Sept. 1 with three other CIRES Fellows — Jose-Luis Jimenez, Ted Scambos and Margaret Tolbert . Each will present their novel research results at the conference themed ‘Chemistry of Air, Space and Water.’

The oral and poster presentations include the following:

  • Ted Scambos will present: “Ice on Earth: Change is in the air.”
  • Margaret Tolbert will present: “Importance of aerosol morphology for ice nucleating efficiency: Combined laboratory and field study.”
  • Lisa Dilling will present: “Facilitating usable science: Experience from the use of seasonal climate forecasts.”
  • Jose-Luis Jimenez will present: “Insights on the importance of different organic aerosol sources from field measurement, box and 3D modeling, and intensive property measurements.”
  • Martin Graus will present: “Comparison of VOC emissions from conventional and alternative biofuel crops.”

For the full list of presenters and their abstracts click here.