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Max Boykoff Speaking at Mexico City's Climate Change Communication Forum

November 14, 2011

On November 25, Max Boykoff will participating in a forum on Climate Change Communication in Mexico City. Max will be part of a panel discussion on "Climate change in the media: problems and best practices".

II Climate Change Communication Forum
Mexico City, Banamex Convention Center
November 25th, 2011

Panel discussion I
Science and climate change: what communicators need to know
Moderator: Javier Cruz Mena, (Mexico) UNAM


  • Vittorio M. Canuto, (EEUU) Columbia University
  • Jay Gulledge. (EEUU) Pew Center
  • Dr. Carlos Gay, (Mexico) UNAM
  • Mauricio De Maria y Campos, (Mexico) Universidad Iberoamericana

Panel discussion II
Climate change in the media: problems and best practices
Moderator: M. en C. Ana Claudia Nepote González, (Mexico) UNAM


  • Maxwell Boykoff, (EEUU) University of Colorado Boulder
  • Arturo Larena Larena, (Spain) EFEverde
  • Agustín del Castillo, (Mexico) Grupo Milenio
  • Estrella Burgos, (Mexico) UNAM

Panel discussion III
Climate change communication and its influence in public policy
Moderator: Miguel Cervantes, (Mexico) SEMARNAT


  • Marco A. Encalada (Ecuador) OIKOS Corporation
  • Grethel Aguilar, (Costa Rica), UICN
  • Dolores Barrientos, (Mexico) PNUMA
  • Marco Jiménez Rodríguez (México)