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More Than Scientists Campaign

I Do Have Hope For the Future by Carol Wessman

Video [1:29]

Seeing and studying the environmental change around us gives Carol Wessman a very intimate connection to the environment. And being among all the students at CU and seeing their skills and talent gives her hope and trust that we’re in good hands.

Ogmius No. 44To view more videos from the More Than Scientists Campaign see the Inside the Greenhouse website.


In this Inside the Greenhouse project, Fall semester ‘Climate and Film’ (ATLS 3519/EBIO 4460) students and Spring semester ‘Creative Climate Communication’ (ENVS3173/THTR4173) students, along with the More than Scientists campaign, create and produce a short video based on an interview of a climate scientist in the local Boulder area, depicting human/personal dimensions of their work.

These scientists work at NCAR, NOAA, CIRES, INSTAAR, WWA, NSIDC, LASP and various other units at CU-Boulder.

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