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Images from our Center Talks: 2005

Carl Mitcham Juan Lucena
Carl Mitcham - November 28, 2005
"Connections Between Science Policy and Ethics"
Juan Lucena - November 14, 2005
"Changing Policies for the Promotion of Science and Engineering Education at NSF"
photo of Lisa Dilling

photo of Joel Gratz

Lisa Dilling - October 28, 2005
"Tools for the New Frontier: Practical Steps to Creating Usable Science"

Joel Gratz - October 21, 2005
"Climate Change, Demographics, and Hurricanes", Hurricane Katrina Symposium
photo of Peggy Lamm Photo of Carol Byerly
Peggy Lamm - October 17, 2005
"Why in the world would any sane person run for public office"

Carol Byerly - September 26, 2005
" Finding the Flu: Explaining the Silence Regarding the Influenza Epidemic of 1918"

Photo of Marilyn Averill Photo of Elizabeth McNie
Marilyn Averill - September 22, 2005
" EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions"
Elizabeth McNie - September 7, 2005 "Climate change, experiential education, and teenagers"
Photo of Robert Palmer
Photo of Sarah Michaels
Bob Palmer - April 18, 2005
"Science, Policy and Politics: A View from the Hill"
Sarah Michaels - March 28, 2005
"Taking steps towards a multidimensional view of the science-policy interface"