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Culture, Politics and Climate Change

Culture, Politics and Climate Change

How Information Shapes our Common Future

Edited by Deserai A. Crow and Maxwell T. Boykoff

March 2014

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction Deserai Crow and Max Boykoff
  2. A Precautionary Approach to Climate Policy? Lauren Hartzell Nichols
  3. Beyond "gloom and doom" or "hope and possibility": Constructing Motivating Visions of a Greener Future Without Dismissing Loss Cheryl Hall
  4. My Elders are Scientists: Contrasting Indigenous Responses to Public Voices of Climate Change Impacts Doreen E. Martinez
  5. Commentary Mike Hulme
  6. Where’s the Meat? Brazilian Media Representations Avoid an Unpopular Topic Myanna Lahsen
  7. Re-examining the Media-Policy Link: Climate Change and Government Elites in Peru Bruno Takahashi and Mark Meisner
  8. Informal Science Education in the Shadow of the Climate Change Conflict: A Role for TV Weathercasters? Vanessa Schweizer, Sara Cobb and Edward Maibach
  9. Commentary Joe Smith
  10. Examining the Policy Analytical Capacity of Government and Non-Government Actors in Colorado Climate and Energy Issues Dallas Elgin and Chris Weible
  11. Strategies of Neutrality between Political and Scientific Controversy: Comparing Efforts by U.S. Public Think Tanks to Inform Debates on Climate Change Policy Jason Delborne
  12. Creating Land Management Policies for an Uncertain Climate Future: A Case Study from Tibet Kelly Hopping and Ciren Yangzong
  13. Carbon’s body politic: the cultural politics of carbon dieting Johannes Stripple and Matthew Paterson
  14. The Tragedy of Risk-Perception Commons: Culture Conflict, Rationality Conflict, and Climate Change Dan Kahan, Ellen Peters, Donald Braman, Paul Slovic, Maggie Wittlin, Lisa Larrimore Ouellette, and Gregory Mandel
  15. Commentary Max Boykoff