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Creating a Climate for Change:
Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change

Edited by Susanne C. Moser and Lisa Dilling
Cambridge University Press

Now available in paperback! (January 2008)

The need for effective communication, public outreach, and education to increase support for policy, collective action and behavior change is ever present, and is perhaps most pressing in the context of anthropogenic climate change. This book is the first to take a comprehensive look at communication and social change specifically targeted to climate change. It is a unique collection of ideas examining the challenges associated with communicating climate change in order to facilitate societal response. It offers well-founded, practical suggestions on how to communicate climate change and how to approach related social change more effectively. The contributors of this book come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from government and academia to non-governmental and civic sectors of society. The book is accessibly written, and any specialized terminology is explained. It will be of great interest to academic researchers and professionals in climate change, environmental policy, science communication, psychology, sociology, and geography.

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Reviews and News
Guest Editorial: A Call to Global Action

Susanne C. Moser, Lisa Dilling, Robert Kates, Ann Bostrom, Daniel Lashof, Anthony Leiserowitz, Sheldon Ungar, Sharon Dunwoody, Linda Giannelli Pratt, Sarah Rabkin, Julian Agyeman, Bob Doppelt, Kathy Lynn, Halida Hatic, Shannon McNeeley, Orville Huntington, Sally Bingham, Lucy Warner, Nancy Cole, Susan Watrous, Aaron M. McCright, Kathleen Regan, Caron Chess, Branden B. Johnson, John Tribbia, Laurie Michaelis, Tina Grotzer, Rebecca Lincoln, Mary Catherine Bateson, David Gershon, Keith James, April Smith, Bob Doppelt, Vicky Arroyo, Benjamin Preston, John Atcheson, Barbara Farhar, Abby Young, Natasha Fraley, Abbey Tennis, Pierre duVair, Sam Sadler, Anthony Usibelli, Susan Anderson, David S. Meyer, Marilyn Averill, Dale Jamieson, Robert Harriss