The New Carbon Economy

The New Carbon Economy: Constitution, Governance, and Contestation

Edited by Peter Newell, Maxwell Boykoff, and Emily Boyd



The “New” Carbon Economy: What’s New?
Emily Boyd, Maxwell Boykoff and Peter Newell

Part I: Constituting the ‘New’ Carbon Economy

The Matter of Carbon: Understanding the Materiality of tCO2e in Carbon Offsets
Adam G. Bumpus

Making Markets Out of Thin Air: A Case of Capital Involution
María Gutiérrez

Between Desire and Routine: Assembling Environment and Finance in Carbon Markets
Philippe Descheneau and Matthew Paterson

Part II: Governing the ‘New’ Carbon Economy

Ecological Modernisation and the Governance of Carbon: A Critical Analysis
Ian Bailey, Andy Gouldson and Peter Newell

Accounting for Carbon: The Role of Accounting Professional Organisations in Governing Climate Change
Heather Lovell and Donald MacKenzie

Part III: Effects of the ‘New’ Carbon Economy

Realizing Carbon’s Value: Discourse and Calculation in the Production of Carbon Forestry Offsets in Costa Rica
David M. Lansing

Resisting and Reconciling Big Wind: Middle Landscape Politics in the New American West
Roopali Phadke