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Successful Adaptation to Climate Change

Successful Adaptation to Climate Change

Linking Science and Policy in a Rapidly Changing World

edited by Susanne Moser and Maxwell Boykoff

Available May 2013

Reviews and News

“This is a great book. It demonstrates clearly that success is contingent on getting the rules, incentives and attitudes right. The book engages in all the right ways: with evidence, rigour, reflexivity, and a sense of geography and the lived reality of climate change.”
- Neil Adger, University of Exeter, UK

“City leaders are searching for solutions to the massive economic, infrastructure, and health challenges arising from climate change. What they need are solutions that strengthen their communities’ resilience – their ability to recover and bounce back from extreme weather. Susanne C. Moser and Maxwell T. Boykoff offer a critical resource with the contribution of Successful Adaptation to Climate Change.”
- Michael Schmitz, Executive Director, ICLEI–Local Governments for Sustainability USA