CSTPR has closed May 31, 2020: Therefore, this webpage will no longer be updated. Individual projects are or may still be ongoing however. Please contact CIRES should you have any questions.

Carbon Based Industry and Society

Max Boykoff

Max Boykoff is examining climate adaptation strategies in urban environments (with Dr. Emily Boyd, Leeds University). In this project they have focused on adaptation to flood events in Mumbai, India, and compare particular events in recent years to flooding in urban areas of the UK, and associated adaptive strategies. This project links with some of Max’s past research that has examined vulnerability and livelihood issues in relation to global climate change and extreme events in Honduras. They are preparing one article from the project for a special issue of Antipode on “What is “new” about the carbon economy?” scheduled to appear in 2011, with a Wiley-Blackwell companion book in 2011. Max is co-editor of this special issue and book with Emily Boyd (University of Leeds) as well as Peter Newell (University of East Anglia).