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About Us

Our Approach

The overall goal of this Brazil-United States collaboration is to accelerate the development of renewable and sustainable energy technologies through innovative nanotechnology investments. This will focus on a bi-national consortium that will innovate, discover, and ready emerging, disruptive, and revolutionary renewable-energy technologies that span the gap between fundamental science and applied R&D - leading to the eventual deployment by sustainable industries. We propose to use a four-fold approach addressing critical issues in fundamental and applied science, analysis and assessment, outreach, and workforce development. The approach is to utilize the best talent, infrastructure, and resources from the Brazil and U.S. technological communities so that the collaborative output is significantly greater than the sum of our two communities working separately. This is genuine science and technology "cooperação e inovação sem fronteiras".

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The program will be initially facilitated and leveraged by creating an exchange program with Brazil government funding to have postdocs and graduate students carry out research at U.S. institutions and to have U.S. scientists visit Brazilian institutions. The first year will involve approximately 20 postdocs/students to the U.S. scaling to about 200 in the longer term. The focus would be on pre-competitive R&D.


Building on our “U.S.-Brazil Science and Technology Collaboration” established by President Barak Obama and Presidenta Dilma Rousseff in April 2012 - focusing on the shared commitment "maximizing the potential of nanotechnology." We are focused on the excitement of novel developments in the area of renewable and sustainable energy materials - enabled by nanotechnology approaches ...