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Max Boykoff was quoted, cited, or referred to in the following media:

  • 10 January Columbia Journalism Review article: Climate Conundrums Slack coverage, quality issues stir debate, by Curtis Brainard.
  • 9 January Boulder Daily Camera article: Paddling down the River Denial, by Anne B. Butterfield.
  • 5 January NY Times Dot Earth Blog article: Climate News Snooze? by Andrew C. Revkin.
  • 16 September ClimateWire: Women more likely to believe the science on global warming – study, by Dina Fine Maron.

Ben Hale was quoted, cited, or referred to in the following news media:

  • 7 December Twin Cities Daily Planet article: Climate Change as a Human Dilemma, by Nathan Shepherd.

Roger Pielke, Jr., was quoted, cited, or referred to in the following news media:

  • 21 January Financial Times article: A disastrous truth, by Simon Kuper.
  • 19 January Australian International Business Times article: Who is to blame for the Queensland floods: Man or nature? by Xien Jana Vencio.
  • 18 January Nature News article: Media: Reporters get it right, by Alastair Brown.
  • 13 January Reuters article: Climate change link in hurricane losses decades away-study, by David Fogarty.
  • 20 December Nature News article: Integrity policy unveiled at last, by Eugenie Samuel Reich.
  • 17 December National Public Radio: Long Wait May Be Over For Science Guidelines, by Scott Horsley.
  • 20 December Weekly Standard Magazine article: Book Review The Climate Fix, by Steven F. Hayward.
  • 10 December US News & World Report article: Redefining the Global Warming Debate, by Danielle Kurtzleben.
  • 2 December ABC News: Bob Ryan reviews global-warming screed "The Climate Fix".
  • 22 November European Business Review: Interview with Roger Pielke, Jr.
  • 15 November Sarasota Herald Tribune: Insurers' computer models deeply flawed, by Paige St. John.
  • 14 November Sarasota Herald Tribune: Florida insurers rely on dubious storm model, by Paige St. John.
  • 5 November NPR's All Things Considered: Energy Policy Explored After Cap-And-Trade Dies.
  • 4 November Journal & Courier: Politics of climate science fuel talk, by Justin Mack.
  • 28 October The Economist: Climate change The iron lawyer.
  • 20 October Florida Independent: Oil spill roundup: Six-month anniversary edition, by Travis Pillow.
  • 13 October Nature News: Speaking out about science, by Emily Waltz.
  • 12 October ABC News Bob Ryan.
  • 12 October Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine: Refocusing policy on causes rather than consequences shows more promise than Kyoto-style approach, prof contends, by Clint Talbott.
  • 6 October Houston Chronicle Interview: Roger Pielke Jr. on why a small tax is our best hope in climate change fight, by Eric Berger.
  • 5 October Independent UK: Kill a schoolchild. How hilarious, by Dominic Lawson.
  • 4 October Financial Post: The iron law of climate policy, by Financial Post Staff.
  • 4 October Financial Post: The UN carbon fiasco: New book calls for reform of climate agency as thousands of delegates meet in Tianjin, China, by Terence Corcoran.
  • 27 September Southern California Public Radio Program on Geo-Engineering and Climate Change Investments.
  • 9 September Christian Science Monitor: Climate-change study: Today's power plants aren't the problem, by Pete Spotts.
  • 8 September Nature News: 'Climate wars' claims disputed, by Quirin Schiermeier.
  • 6 September Nature News: Climate change not linked to African wars, by Quirin Schiermeier.
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