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The Center for Science and Technology Policy Research

Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
Briefing #22, 20 September 2011

The Center for Science and Technology Policy Research is working to improve how science and technology policies address societal needs. Please let us know what information you might like to receive by emailing us.

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Special Events

  • On July 12, Roger Pielke, Jr. gave the keynote speech on "The New Economic Loss Model" at the M.O.R.E. 25 on Mapping and Modelling Risks and Opportunities (MMR+O 2). Read more ...
  • Max Boykoff, Lisa Dilling, Christina Kirchhoff, and Kelli Archie participated in the Colorado Conference on Earth System Governance held at Colorado State University. Read more ...
  • On May 4, Roger Pielke, Jr. participated in a lecture at University of Hamburg on "Should Climate Researchers Engage in Politics?" Read more ...
  • On April 29, Colorado Congressman Jared Polis was at CSTPR for a "Campus 2 Congress" event to talk to CU students and answer questions about climate politics and policy.

Center Publications

Science of Science and innovation Policy - Policy Sciences 2011
The 2011 special issue of Policy Sciences includes papers from a workshop titled
Reconciling the Supply of and Demand for Research in the Science of Science and Innovation Policy held in 2009 in Oslo, Norway. This workshop brought together academics, practitioners, and those with feet in both worlds to examine how science policy research does (or does not) support the information needs of science policy decision makers. Papers in the 2011 Special Issue of Policy Sciences include:

Sample of Recent Publications

A New Climate Strategy
Atkinson, R. N. Chhetri, J. Freed, I. Galiana, C. Green, S. Hayward, J. Jenkins, E. Malone, T. Nordhaus, R. Pielke Jr., G. Prins, S. Rayner, D. Sarewitz, and M. Shellenberger, 2011.
Climate Pragmatism: Innovation, Resilience and No Regrets. The Hartwell Analysis in an American Context , 32 pp., Published July.

Climate Impacts and Adaptation Activities in Colorado
Averyt, K., K. Cody, E. Gordon, R. Klein, J. Lukas, J. Smith, W. Travis, B. Udall and J. Vogel, 2011.
Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report. Western Water Assessment for the State of Colorado, 108 pp.

The Constitution, Governance and Effects of the New Carbon Economy.
Boyd, E., M. Boykoff, and P. Newell, 2011.
The “New” Carbon Economy: What's New?. Antipode, doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8330.2011.00882.x, Published April 15 2011.

Opportunities for Improvement in Future Assessments
Jonassen, R., and R. A. Pielke, Jr., 2011.
Improving conveyance of uncertainties in the findings of the IPCC. Climatic Change, doi: 10.1007/s10584-011-0185-7, Published August 9.

Space Shuttle Costs: 1971-2011
Pielke, Jr., R. A., R. Byerly, 2011.
Shuttle programme lifetime cost. Nature, Vol. 472, No. 38, doi: 10.1038/472038d, Published April 7 2011.

Policy Advice into the Political Process
Pielke, Jr., R. A., 2011.
The Policy Advisor’s Dilemma. Bridges, Vol. 30, Published July 20.

What Did We Learn From Irene?
Travis, W.R., 2011.
A Future of Mass Evacuations. New York Times, Published August 29.

Is Human-Caused Global Warming Contributing to More Extreme Weather Events Worldwide?
Trenberth, K., A. Watson, R.A. Pielke, Jr., K. Emanuel, J. Curry, L. Bouwer, G.C. Hegerl, and W. Hooke, 2011.
Forum: Is Extreme Weather Linked to Global Warming? Yale Environment 360, Published June 2.

All articles are available via download from our website or can be requested by email.

John H. Marburger: 1941-2011
Physicist, University President and Longest-Serving U.S. Presidential Science Advisor

Dr. John H. "Jack" Marburger, known best for his role as science advisor to George W. Bush, passed away on July 28 at age 70. Dr. Marburger had been a prominent physicist, the president of Stony Brook University and the head of a national laboratory before becoming Bush’s science advisor in 2001.

To the right is a video of Dr. Marburger speaking at CSTPR's 2005 Presidential Science Advisors Series.

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