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Briefing #6, 26 January 2007
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In 2006, we launched a new email briefing about our Center’s science policy work. We are working to improve how science and technology policies address societal needs. Please let us know what information you might like to receive by emailing us.

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A New & Upcoming Book Releases page has just been added to our website. Here you will find information about the following books by Center authors including release dates, table of contents, reviews, and how to order.

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Reconciling the Supply of and Demand for Science (Environmental Science & Policy, Vol. 10):

Dan Sarewitz, Steve Dovers, and Roger Pielke, Jr. have guest edited a special issue of Environmental Science & Policy which is titled Reconciling the Supply of and Demand for Science, with a focus on carbon cycle research. All seven papers in this special issue were published in 2007 and each of the papers has an author or co-author here at the Center.