CSTPR has closed May 31, 2020: Therefore, this webpage will no longer be updated. Individual projects are or may still be ongoing however. Please contact CIRES should you have any questions.

Graduate Certificate in Science & Technology Policy

Important Notice

After 15 years, the Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Policy will be terminated at the end of Spring 2019. Over these many years, we have very much enjoyed working with students from departments and programs across the University. 

Students who have earned the certificate have gone on to work in settings as diverse as AAAS Fellows and as Presidential political appointees. They have embarked on careers at the United Nations, in the House and Senate, the Government Accountability Organization, in federal agencies, in non-profits, and businesses, both nationally and internationally. Some have become professors. We are proud of the program’s legacy. Regrettably, the University is no longer able to support the certificate and we have been unsuccessful in securing external support. 

We will be offering all three required core classes this fall and spring (2018-2019). For new students, enrollment in the STP Certificate will cease as of September 7, 2018. Approved electives can be fulfilled in later semesters as class schedules allow. 

We strongly recommend that enrolled STP certificate students take the required core classes needed to complete the certificate requirements this academic year. The STP faculty will work with those with schedule conflicts, but cannot guarantee that independent studies or suitable alternatives will be available.

As an enrolled student in the certificate, to see the certificate applied to your transcript you must complete the coursework and then let us know to make sure we notify the Registrar that you have fulfilled all the requirements.

Lisa Dilling, ldilling@colorado.edu
Director of Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Policy

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The University of Colorado Science and Technology Graduate Certificate Program is one of the few programs in the country focused specifically on science policy. This certificate program teaches scientists from all fields to engage actively, responsibly, and thoughtfully at the interface of science and decision making. It combines intellectual exploration with pragmatic skills to prepare scientists for meaningful engagement within and for the scientific enterprise.
- Dr. S. Mohleji, American Meteorological Society’s Policy Program

The STP Certificate not only prepared me to work at the nexus of science policy, but also gave me a deeper understanding of the knowledge production process more generally, information that I can, and do, apply in a wide variety of contexts. Earning this Certificate, and building a network of talented science-policy professionals, was one of the highlights of my time at CU.
- Dr. Elizabeth McNie, Western Water Assessment, University of Colorado

The certificate program has proven to be the most valuable aspect of my graduate work at CU. The range of S&T issues and methods of analysis that the coursework covered have had immediate practicality in my work as a policy analyst.
- Tind Shepper Ryen, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)