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Graduate Certificate in Science & Technology Policy
Certificate Courses

Required Core Certificate Courses (9 credit hours total)

ENVS 5100 Science and Technology Policy

Spring 2019 Semester, Mondays 1:00 - 3:30 PM
Taught by Lisa Dilling

This course focuses on the role of science and technology in supporting policy and well as the role of policies in shaping the practice of science and technology.

ENVS 5110 Science, Technology, and Society

Fall 2018 Semester, Thursdays 12:00 - 2:30 PM [view flyer]
Taught by Roger Pielke, Jr.

This course focuses on the role of the expert in society as well as societal influences on science and technology.

ENVS 5120 Quantitative Methods of Policy Analysis

Fall 2018 Semester, Tuesdays 2:00 - 4:30 PM [view flyer]
Taught by Matthew Druckenmiller

This course focuses on disciplinary approaches to policy analysis and research, and will consider both quantitative and qualitative methods.

NEW ELECTIVE: ENVS 5100-004: Creating Usable Science - Theory and Practice [view flyer]

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Other Elective Certificate Courses (9 hours required)

The following courses have been identified from the CU course catalog as the type of courses taught in past years that would fulfill certificate elective requirements.

ASTR 4800: Space Science: Practice and Policy

ATOC 4800: Policy Implications of Climate Controversies

ATOC 5000: Critical Issues in Climate and the Environment

COMM 6330: The Rhetoric of Science: Is it Safe?

CSCI 6268: Foundations of Computer and Network Security

CVEN 5393: Water resources Development and Management

EBIO 5310: Ecology and Conservation

ECON 4545: Environmental Economics

EMEN 5010: Introduction to Engineering Management

EMEN 5040: Quality, Strategy, and Value Creation

EMEN 5080: Ethical Decision Making

EMEN 5300: Management of Research and Development

ENVS 5000: Policy, Science and the Environment

ENVS 5100-002: Environmental & Energy Economics

ENVS 5100-002: Special Topics in Environmental Studies: Environment, Media & Culture

ENVS 5100-003: Environmental Collaboration Designing, Organizing, Facilitating

ENVS 5100-007: Making Usable Science For Policy

ENVS 5701: Politics, Policy and Management: Foundations

ENVS 5702: Policy, Politics and Management: Theory & Practice

ENVS 5820: Renewable Energy Policy

GEOG 6402: Seminar: Comparative Environmental Studies

LAWS 7112: Mining and Energy Law

LAWS 6112: Foundations of Natural Resources Law and Policy

LAWS 7132: Energy Insecurity and Sustainable Energy

LAWS 7202: Environmental Law

LAWS 7241: Telecommunications Law and Policy

LAWS 7311: Patent Law

MCEN 5228-005: Global Engineering

OPIM 6820: Topics in Systems: Assessing Sustainable Energy Technologies

PHIL 5210: Philosophy and Social Policy

PHIL 5230: Bioethics and Public Policy

PHIL 5240: Seminar in Environmental Philosophy

PHIL 5290: Values and Social Policy

PHIL 5400: Philosophy of Science

PHIL 5450: History and Philosophy of Physics

PHIL 6400: Seminar in Philosophy of Science

RSEI 5200: Nuclear Power

TLEN 5010: Telecommunications Finance

TLEN 5106: International Telecommunications Policy

TLEN 5240: Law and Regulation

TLEN 5831: Special Topics: The Future of Telecommunications