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About MeCCO:

MeCCO monitors 130 sources (across newspapers, radio and TV) in 59 countries in seven different regions around the world. MeCCO assembles the data by accessing archives through the Nexis Uni, Proquest and Factiva databases via the University of Colorado libraries. Learn more ...

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MeCCO Monthly Summary:

“A slew of climate records were broken, many of which have been, or are on course to be, broken again this year”

Special Issue 2022

A Review of Media Coverage of Climate Change and Global Warming in 2022


MeCCO is a Multi-University Collaboration

University of Colorado Boulder, Aarhus University, Deakin University, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan, Oslo Metropolitan University, University of New England, Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Technical University of Munich, Finnish Environment Institute