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This observatory analyzes traditional/legacy media representations of climate change. With additional funding, the group of CU-Boulder graduate student and postdoctoral researchers (along with CU-Boulder Professor Max Boykoff and collaborators in Japan, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Tasmania) endeavor to comprehensively aggregate, monitor, appraise and critically examine media coverage - from newspapers, tv and radio to new, social and digital media - that influence the spectrum of possibility for effective responses to ongoing climate challenges. At present, the MeCCO team monitors coverage monthly in 120 selected sources globally. With further funding support, the MeCCO team will scale analyses out to provide resonant and useful information for a range of consumers, from local practitioners to elected officials and academic researchers.

MeCCO Research Team

Midori Aoyagi1, Anne Gammelgaard Ballantyne8, Andrew Benham2, Max Boykoff2, Catherine Bruns11, Patrick Chandler2, Meaghan Daly3, Kaori Doi1, Rogelio Fernández-Reyes4, Lauren Gifford2, Erin Hawley6, Kyotaek Hwang2, Isidro Jiménez Gómez5, Jennifer Katzung2, Kyungsun Lee2, Jari Lyytimäki10, Lucy McAllister9, Erkki Mervaala10, Gabi Mocatta6, Ami Nacu-Schmidt2, David Oonk2, Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey2, Olivia Pearman2, Lars Kjerulf Petersen8, Anne Hege Simonsen7, and Andreas Ytterstad7

1National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan, 2University of Colorado Boulder, 3University of New England, 4Universidad de Sevilla, 5Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 6University of Tasmania, 7Oslo Metropolitan University, 8Aarhus University, 9The Technical University of Munich, 10Finnish Environment Institute, 11University of Minnesota

MeCCO Lead Team

MeCCO lead Project Investigator, Max Boykoff
MeCCO Infographics, Design & Outreach Lead, Ami Nacu-Schmidt
MeCCO Counts Coordinator & Technical Support Lead, Olivia Pearman

MeCCO is a Multi-University Collaboration

University of Colorado Boulder, Aarhus University, Deakin University, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan, Oslo Metropolitan University, University of New England, Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, The Technical University of Munich, Finnish Environment Institute, University of Minnesota