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Inside the Greenhouse

These figures track radio coverage of climate change or global warming in 6 regions US American Public Media; US National Public Radio (National Public Radio-NPR, NPR All Things Considered, NPR Ask Me Another, NPR Code Switch, NPR Fresh Air, NPR Hidden Brain, NPR Morning Edition, NPR All Tech Considered/Parallels, NPR Planet Money, NPR TED Radio Hour, NPR Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!, NPR Weekend All Things Considered, NPR Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR Weekend Edition Sunday); UK BBC (IR, IR-Asian Pacific Stories, IR-European stories, IR-Middle East and Africa Stories, IR-North/South America Stories, IR-Top News Stories); Radio Balad (Jordan); RFI, English (France); SW Radio Africa (Zimbabwe). Updated through December 2018.

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Figure Citation: Boykoff, M., Chandler, P., Nacu-Schmidt, A., and Oonk, D. (2018). World Radio Coverage of Climate Change or Global Warming, 2000-2018. Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado, Media and Climate Change Observatory Data Sets.