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Inside the Greenhouse

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These figures depict the presence of terms "cambio climático" or "calentamiento global" in Spanish and "mudanças climáticas" or "aquecimento global" in Portuguese from 2005 through 2019 in these sources: El Universal (México), Reforma (México), La Nación (Costa Rica), El Comercio (Perú), El Comercio (Ecuador), El País (Uruguay), La República (Uruguay), El Tiempo (Colombia), La Razón (Bolivia) O'Globo (Brasil), La Nación (Argentina), El Nacional (Venezuela), and El Mercurio (Chile). (The search terms used to detect the presence of climate change in Brazil is plural since it is the most frequent way to describe it in Portuguese). Updated through December 2019.

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Fernández-Reyes, R., Boykoff, M., McAllister, L., Nacu-Schmidt, A., and Pearman, O., 2019. Latin American Newspaper Coverage of Climate Change or Global Warming, 2005-2019. Media and Climate Change Observatory Data Sets. Universidad de Sevilla and Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado.