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MeCCO work for Lancet Report (#12 most featured in the media) highlighted in January 2020 Carbon Brief: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2019.

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January 23, 2020
Civil disobedience movements such as School Strike for the Climate are raising public awareness of the climate change emergency

Gobal Change Biology

January 22, 2020
Klimajournalistikk: – Vanskeligere å lage reine gladsaker om olje i dag


December 28, 2019
La COP25 marcó el hito histórico de cobertura climática en la prensa española

El Mundo

May 29, 2019
War all the time? Climate reporters weigh coverage quantity against quality

Columbia Journalism Review

May 6, 2019
David Wallas-Wells and Katharine Hayhoe

Climate One

May 20, 2019
Time To Wake Up: Bad Media (for) Climate

Senate floor speech by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

April 30, 2019
The media is failing on climate change – here's how they can do better ahead of 2020

The Guardian


December 19, 2018
Climate what? Media kept on chasing Trump, not climate change, in 2018

Grist Magazine

November 30, 2018
CNN's Anderson Cooper Cancels Segment With Climate Report Author to Give Rick Santorum More Air Time

Common Dreams

EFE: VerdeEFE: Verde

April 6, 2018
La Triple Trampa de Trump Dump
by Rogelio Fernández-Reyes

Climate MattersClimate Matters

January 10, 2018
Climate journalism focuses too much on Trump and not enough on extreme weather, new reports find
by Evlondo Cooper

Climate HomeClimate Home

March 7, 2016
Why did Paris climate summit get less press coverage than Copenhagen?
by Alex Pashley

The Elephant PodcastThe Elephant Podcast

July 31, 2015
Climate Change and the Media
by Kevin Caners

Current Science JournalCurrent Science Journal

June 2015
Coverage of climate change issues in Indian newspapers and policy implications
by S. Nagarathinam and A. Bhatta

CU College of Arts & Sciences MagazineCU College of Arts & Sciences Magazine

April 2015
How do mass media drive the conversation on climate change? A team of researchers is on the story
by Meagan M. Taylor

Revista Latina de Comunicación SocialRevista Latina de Comunicación Social

March 23, 2015
Media coverage of climate change and global warming en El País, El Mundo y La Vanguardia
by R. Fernández-Reyes, J.L. Piñuel-Raigada, and M. Vicente-Mariño

New York TimesThe Daily Climate

January 2, 2015
Back in the headlines: Climate coverage returns to its 2009 peak
by Douglas Fischer

New York TimesNew York Times

January 18, 2014
‘Neglected Topic’ Winner: Climate Change
by Nicholas Kristof

The Carbon BriefThe Carbon Brief

January 7, 2014
The pitfalls of analysing media coverage of climate change, in three graphs
by Mat Hope

Columbia Journalism ReviewColumbia Journalism Review

January 6, 2014
Climate change press’ pseudo boom
by Alexis Sobel Fitts

The Daily ClimateThe Daily Climate

January 2, 2014
Climate coverage soars in 2013, spurred by energy, weather
by Douglas Fischer

New York TimesNew York Times

November 18, 2013
Examining ‘Media’s Global Warming Fail’
by Andrew Revkin

New York TimesCNN

November 18, 2013
Climate Change Coverage

Mother JonesMother Jones

October 29, 2013
4 Reasons You Should Worry About Another Sandy
by Chris Mooney

The GuardianThe Guardian

May 24, 2013
Royal family squeeze out climate change in US media coverage
by Kieran Cooke

Hindu Business LineHindu Business Line

April 16, 2013
Media Needs a Climate Change
by S. Gopikrishna Warrier

InsideClimate NewsInsideClimate News

January 17, 2013
About a Dozen Environment Reporters Left at Top 5 U.S. Papers
by Katherine Bagley

The Atlantic WireThe Atlantic Wire

January 11, 2013
New York Times Closes Environment Desk on Same Day 'Extreme Weather' Hits Front Page
by David Wagner

Columbia Journalism ReviewColumbia Journalism Review

January 7, 2013
Climate coverage rebound?
by Curtis Brainard

Climate CentralClimate Central

January 2, 2013
Climate Coverage Falls Further in 2012
by Douglas Fischer

The Why Files?The Why Files?

March 22, 2012
Newspaper coverage of global warming
by David J. Tenenbaum

Climate ProgressClimate Progress

February 6, 2012
"Exciting” Public Opinion Study Debunks Claim Al Gore Polarized the Climate Debate and Many Other Myths
by Joe Romm

Climate ProgressKQED News

January 5, 2012
Who Generated the Most Climate “B.S.” in 2011?
by Peter Gleick

Climate ProgressCrickey

January 4, 2012
Sydney Morning Herald shows the way on climate change
by Richard Farmer

Climate ProgressClimate Progress

January 3, 2012
Silence of the Lambs 2: Media Herd’s Coverage of Climate Change Drops Sharply — Again

January 3, 2012
Media Coverage of Climate Change Continued to Plummet in 2011
by Brian Merchant

bigthink.comClimate Central and the Daily Climate

January 3, 2012
Coverage of Climate Change Tumbles Again in 2011
by Douglas Fischer

bigthink.comCU Arts & Sciences

December 19, 2011
Via the mass media, experts and non-experts offer radically different perspectives, yielding unreasonable confusion and doubt, CU researcher contends
by Clint Talbott

November 30, 2011
Understanding Up and Down Cycles of News Attention to Climate Change
by Matthew C. Nisbet

November 15, 2011
Exclusive Bombshell: Experts Debunk Polls that Claim Sharp Drop in Number of Americans Who Believe in Global Warming
by Joe Romm

forbes.comForbes Magazine

Trends in Global News Coverage Trends of Climate Change or Global Warming

August 2, 2011
Advertising Climate Change: A Study of Green Ads, 2005-2010
by Michael Svoboda