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Past Announcements 2012

The Science and Politics of Climate Change, December 4, 2012
Southwest Climate Assessment of the National Climate Assessment, November 28, 2012
CBC Radio Debate: The End of Economic Growth, November 19, 2012
Max Boykoff Speaking at The Securitization of Water Discourse Workshop, November 13, 2012
Max Boykoff Awarded ICJMT Grant on Media and Climate Change, October 11, 2012
Roger Pielke's Paper on U.S. Tornado Damage to be Published in Environmental Hazards, October 8, 2012
Max Boykoff Participating in SEJ Plenary on Climate Change Communications, October 8, 2012
Ben Hale Awarded NSF Grant on Ethics, Public Policy, and Environmental Science, September 28, 2012
CU-Boulder Red Cross Climate Centre Internship Call for Applications, August 24, 2012
CSTPR Welcomes Deserai Anderson Crow, August 21, 2012
CSTPR's 10th Anniversary Celebration, August 17, 2012
Second Most Emailed New York Times article by Ben Hale, August 14, 2012
Max Boykoff's Work Referenced in Senate Floor Speech, August 9, 2012
Max Boykoff Scheduled to Speak on "On the Green Front" Radio Program, July 24, 2012
Roger Pielke, Jr. Delivers Keynote Speech at CUAHSI 3rd Biennial Colloquium, July 16, 2012
Roger Pielke, Jr. Awarded 2012 GSA Public Service Award, July 9, 2012
Max Boykoff Speaking at the Second ISA Forum of Sociology in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 14, 2012
Max Boykoff Speaking at Essen Conference on the Cultural Dimensions of Climate Change and the Environment in North America, June 12, 2012
Max Boykoff Interviewed in Climate Himalaya on "Who Speaks for the Climate?", June 12, 2012
Getting Personal with Climate Change: Lisa Dilling and Max Boykoff Highlighted, June 11, 2012
Max Boykoff Speaking at The Denver Café Scientifique, June 5, 2012
Max Boykoff participating in CU Boulder Program for Writing and Rhetoric Seminar, May 16, 2012
Max Boykoff and Lisa Dilling will Participate in Climate Change Session at 2012 World Renewable Energy Forum in Denver, May 15, 2012
CSTPR alumni Adam Briggle has an article in Slate about the need to include multiple perspectives in the innovation process, April 24, 2012
Max Boykoff speaking at Rachel Carson Institute in Munich, April 18, 2012
Roger Pielke, Jr. speaking at Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, April 17, 2012
Roger Pielke, Jr. participating PhD Workshop at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, April 12, 2012
Lisa Dilling participated in the Planet Under Pressure Conference, March 29, 2012
Jessica Weinkle Awarded CIRES Graduate Research Fellowship Program, March 27, 2012
Roger Pielke, Jr., Awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy from Linköping University, March 20, 2012
New Video: Roger Pielke, Jr. on Science and Policy at the Lowy Institute, March 8, 2012
Max Boykoff's Talk on 'Who Speaks for the Climate?' will air on KGNU on Friday, March 2, February 28, 2012
Max Boykoff Scheduled to Speak at Boulder Book Store on 'Who Speaks for the Climate?', February 8, 2012
Upcoming Pielke Talk in Sydney at the Lowy Institute, January 30, 2012
Graduate Student Jessica Weinkle Blogs about Catastrophe Models, January 24, 2012
Upcoming Pielke Talk in Canberra on 'The Climate Fix', January 20, 2012
Max Boykoff's Co-Authored Book 'The New Carbon Economy: Constitution, Governance and Contestation' is Now Out, January 17, 2012
Benjamin Hale invited speaker at the launch the Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, in Doha, Qatar, January 15, 2012