CSTPR has closed May 31, 2020: Therefore, this webpage will no longer be updated. Individual projects are or may still be ongoing however. Please contact CIRES should you have any questions.

Past Announcements July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report, June 24, 2011
AESS 2011 Meeting: Exploring How Mass Media Confront Complexity When Covering Climate Change, June 23, 2011
Media Analysis and Climate Change Communication Talks by Max Boykoff, June 20, 2011
Lisa Dilling Appointed to EPA's Board of Scientific Counselors, June 15, 2011
Roger Pielke Jr. Scheduled to Appear on 9News Your Show with Marty Coniglio, May 19, 2011
Colorado Conference on Earth System Governance: Crossing Boundaries and Building Bridges, May 18, 2011
CSTPR's SPARC Project Highlighted in Nature Editorial, May 16, 2011
Climate Fix Talk at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, May 9, 2011
University of Hamburg Lecture: Climate Science in a Democratic Society, May 4, 2011
Campus 2 Congress with Colorado Congressman Jared Polis, April 29, 2011
CIRES Science Rendezvous, April 22, 2011
Climate Fix Talks, April 14, 2011
CU-Boulder Environmental Sciences Graduate Program Earns National Ranking, March 15, 2011
Upcoming American University Lecture: Science in Society Author Interview with Roger Pielke, Jr., February 25, 2010
Live Radio Discussion Today with Roger Pielke, Jr. and Al Teich on Science Integrity Guidelines, December 21, 2010
The Nature Conservancy Praise The Climate Fix, December 21, 2010
The American Society of Landscape Architects listed "The Climate Fix" as One of the Best Books of 2010, December 8, 2010
Roger Pielke, Jr. Participating in Upcoming "bridges Lecture Series" event, Embassy of Austria, November 30, 2010
COP16 Panels | Covering Climate in a Changing Media Climate and Climate Change and Cities: Science for Adaptation and Mitigation, November 29, 2010
Fixing Climate Policy : LSE Mackinder Programme for the Study of Long Wave Events Public Lecture, November 17, 2010.
The Legatum Institute's Book Forum: Peiser vs. Pielke, November 16, 2010.
Two Pielke Talks at the University of Wisconsin This Week, November 4, 2010.
Upcoming Special Event at Purdue University on November 3: Beyond "Climategate" Panel, November 3, 2010.
Upcoming Special Event at University of Michigan: The Climate Fix: A Pragmatic Future for Climate Change on October 25.
Benjamin Hale Presented on "Moral Hazards and Geoengineering" at the October 2010 Missoula Workshop on Ethics of Solar Radiation Management.
CSTPR Grad Student David Cherney was awarded The 2010 McDougal Prize of the Society for Policy Science, October 20, 2010.
Roger Pielke, Jr. will be discussing "The Climate Fix" in Seattle on October 18 and Tempe on October 19, 2010.
Upcoming Interview in San Francisco with Roger Pielke, Jr. and KQED's Gretchen Weber, October 15, 2010.
Roger Pielke, Jr. Participating in Special DC Event "Climate Collapse - and the Climate Fix", September 28, 2010.
CSTPR Affiliate Lisa Keränen's book "Scientific Characters: Rhetoric, Politics, and Trust in Breast Cancer Reseach" is now available, September 2010.
"The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won't Tell You About Global Warming" by Roger Pielke, Jr. is now available, September 2010.
"Presidential Science Advisors: Perspectives and Reflections on Science, Policy and Politics" edited by Roger Pielke, Jr. and Roberta Klein is now available, May 4, 2010.