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Amy Meyer Receives 2013 Jacob Van Ek Scholar Award

May 8, 2013

Along with co-nominators Max Boykoff, Lakshman Guruswamy and Abby Hickcoxx, CSTPR is pleased that Amy Meyer has just been awarded a Jacob Van Ek Scholar Award at the Honors Convocation in the College of Arts and Sciences. Amy just completed a senior honors thesis which has sought to understand the potential impacts of the proposed Green Climate Fund for climate adaptation in the international climate policy arena.

As she describes it, "the climate crisis can be looked at as an opportunity at this time to not only curb the occurrence and effects of climate change, but to additionally tackle the problem of underdevelopment. The deep connections between these two problems are explored, and it is suggested that by aiming to achieve widespread clean energy access in the developing world, both adaptation and mitigation projects and the Millennium Development Goals can be pursued using the same resources. The Green Climate Fund, a financial board of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, is proposed as the mechanism through which clean energy access can be realized, utilizing a combination of technology transfer and research and development efforts".

Through this thesis, she endeavored to inspire policy innovation in an effort to move climate policy discussions forward amongst
international leaders. We advisors on the project have been enthusiastically supportive of Amy's work, as we have been struck by
her remarkably insightful and critical analytical approaches to these topics and she has swiftly and eagerly engaged with the sometimes abstruse conceptual and theoretical material as well as the case-study applications. She has demonstrated a keen interest in these subjects, paired with a thirst for dialectical engagement through her senior honors thesis.

The College of Arts and Sciences today has honored twelve outstanding students with these awards to recognize superior academic achievement combined with distinguished service to the university or the community at large. This award is made possible by Jacob Van Ek, the Dean of the College from 1929 to 1959.