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Boykoff speaking at International Conference on Climate Change Communication in Beijing

October 11, 2013

On October 13, Max Boykoff will be speaking at the International Conference on Climate Change Communication in Beijing, China on "Climate Change Messengers: The Mass Media".

9:00 – 10:00
Climate Change Messengers

Moderator & Discussant: Prof . Ma Shengrong, Honorary President of School of Journalism, Chongqing University/ Former Deputy - Chief Editor of Xinhua News Agency/ Member of China4C Advisory Committee


  • The Chinese Government: Mr. Zhen SUN, Deputy Lead of Climate Change Department, National Development and Reform Commission, China / Member of China4C Experts Board
  • The Mass M edia: Dr. Max well Boykoff, Assistant Professor, Center for Science and Technology Policy, University of Colorado
  • NGO Holding Their Feet to the Fire: The Essential Role of NGOs in Addressing the Climate Crisis: Ms. Kelly Rigg, Executive Director, G l obal Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA)
  • Discussion & Q&A

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