Comment Policy Issues, Again

May 24th, 2006

Posted by: admin

We have recently asked people to register as a less subtle way of encourgaging people to post under their own identities.

In particular, the commenters who go by Eli Rabett and Dano continue to submit anonymous posts despite our intentions. Both are welcome to participate, but only under their real names. Anonymous posts from these two will continue to be deleted. This is how we have decided to operate our weblog, and we respectfully ask that you follow these guidelines or comment elsewhere. I do not expect to continue discussing our comment policy, and we will simply delete those comments that do not follow the spirit of our guidelines.

If for some legitimate reason anyone desires to post a comment anonymously, then you can email a comment to Kevin or I noting as much and we will be happy to share your comment on the blog.

Thanks all.

3 Responses to “Comment Policy Issues, Again”

  1. James Annan Says:

    This might be an apposite time to mention a new newsgroup/mailing list :-)

    Rather than cut and paste a screed, I will merely point to:

    As far as I’m aware, we don’t have a policy regarding anonymity :-)

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  3. Alpiner Says:

    Is using a screen name considered anonymous if I go through your process? Mostly just a lurker so no biggie.

    One request: please consider numbering posts (like on Real Climate) so it’s easier to follow who is replying to what.

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  5. kevin v Says:

    Alpiner and others -

    1- we are in the process of a site redesign/overhaul for Prometheus and the comment numbering is definitely one item on my agenda

    2- Let’s keep in mind that all this comment business originates with insulting comments (toward both post authors and other commenters) from anonymous commenters. In theory anonymous commenting is fine, but (in my opinion and I think Roger’s) a small handful of consistently insulting anonymous commenters has forced our hand here. The intent of the typekey stuff is to not allow insulters who don’t add much actual content to hide behind anonymity.