A Post-Partisan Climate Politics?

April 21st, 2008

Posted by: Roger Pielke, Jr.

Californina Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger provides a positive and optimistic view of of climate policy in a speech yesterday at Yale. You can watch it here. Here is an excerpt:

So I urge you to continue to be open‑minded on our environment. Do not dismiss or do not accept an idea because it has a Republican label or a Democratic label or a conservative label or a liberal label. Think for yourself. This is especially true on environment. So I have great faith in your ability to find new answers and to find new approaches. Don’t accept what the old people say. Don’t accept the old ways. Don’t accept the old ways or the old politics of Democrats and Republicans. Stir things up. Be fresh and new the way you look at things.

Is a post-partisan climate politics possible?

One Response to “A Post-Partisan Climate Politics?”

  1. Paul Biggs Says:

    It’s called ‘consensus.’ A tool of carbon dictatorship rather than a tool of democracy. So who do you vote for if you don’t agree with an expensive policy that has no chance of a measurable influence on climate change? Not my idea of positive or optimistic. What expertise does Schwarzenegger have in climate science? None. He’s on a bandwagon that only travels in circles.