Toledo Blade gets it Right

July 26th, 2005

Posted by: Roger Pielke, Jr.

If the editorial board of the Toledo Blade gets it right on the Hockey Stick, then perhaps there is hope for the WSJ and NYT:

“The real problem is how to depoliticize climate science before matters get worse, and research loses more public credibility. That certainly should be a topic for congressional hearings and funding agencies like the NSF.”

3 Responses to “Toledo Blade gets it Right”

  1. Roger Pielke Jr. Says:

    Oh yeah, Thanks to David Appell for the link!

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  3. Murray duffin Says:

    snip Climate scientists are only human, and their objectivity can be swayed by personal convictions or the bounty of research grants that this field promises.snip
    I think this is precisely the reason for Barton’s inquiry. Adding these two factors, which seem to be clearly present, to the sloppiness already discussed here on Prometheus, and throwing in the many large unknowns and uncertainties, it would be no wonder if the public lost confidence. By losing objectivity and and allowing themselves a level of sloppines that would not be tolerated in industry and many other scientific disciplines, the AGW community has brought this investigation on themselves. Regardless of the conclusion, I suspect a lot of good will come from Barton’s initiative.

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  5. Steve Bloom Says:

    Murray, the real reason for Barton’s inquiry is that there is no meaningful distinction between him and the petrochemical industry. Recall the role that tobacco state congressmen (no women involved if I recall right) were playing in the tobacco debate circa twenty years ago. That said, and now having had some time to consider the situation, I think this move on Barton’s part is a good sign in that he would have preferred to simply continue to ignore climate science. It seems clear enough from Boehlert’s response that Barton will be unable to conduct a “show trial” of Mann et al with any credibility, but probably Barton has laid the groundwork for a lot more Congressional attention to climate during the next year or so. The more exposure the scientific consensus gets, the better. I suspect Barton will end up sorry he ever raised the issue.