“Green Power Lines” Bill Introduced

March 9th, 2009

Posted by: admin

According to Scientific American’s 60 Second Science Blog, Senator Harry Reid recently introduced a bill that would allow for the creation of power lines to connect areas high in renewable energy generation to long-distance transmission lines.  One of the many challenges in increasing the amount of electricity generated by sources like wind power is that the sources of generation aren’t easily connected to the long-distance grid.  Usually this is due to the source being in a relatively remote area, like much of Senator Reid’s home state of Nevada.

The bill requires the President to designate zones for green energy transmission lines.  If states and relevant utility companies cannot find an way to build transmission lines, the federal government could step in and develop the necessary infrastructure.  This state-federal tension will likely be the main source of conflict over this bill.  You can read more details from Senator Reid’s press release.

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