CSU Silencing Bill Gray?

April 28th, 2008

Posted by: Roger Pielke, Jr.

Colorado State is apparently or perhaps will be reducing its media relations support for Bill Gray, as he is simply calling too much attention to the school. Dr. Gray thinks that it has something to do with global warming. I am sure that both the science community and the blogosphere will be rushing to Bill Gray’s defense, full of outrage.

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  1. Emily Wilmsen Says:

    I saw your blog today and just thought you’d like to know some of the facts. Here are statements issued today by Dr. Gray and Sandra Woods, dean of the College of Engineering:

    Dr. Bill Gray:

    “There has been no change in my status at CSU. We’re still putting the forecast out. CSU continues to support me. I’m in the same office I’ve been for 41 years now and I hope to stay here some more years and keep working as I always have. We have no plans to change things. I don’t know whether Phil will eventually leave, but as of now, we’re just keeping everything the same.”

    Dr. Sandra Woods:

    “The information in the media is false. The assertion that Dr. Gray is being silenced or being forced out because of his views on global warming is completely inaccurate. We have generated hundreds of media stories on Dr. Gray already this year; he continues to have as many opportunities as he wishes to voice his opinion on hurricanes and global warming. We encourage scientific debate at CSU.

    Dr. Gray was misinformed when he sent me a letter last year – that is now being publicly circulated – and we corrected that misinformation. We are all on the same page and CSU continues to offer full support of his forecast. His funding has not been pulled. Actually, he officially retired in 2004, but we continue to support the forecast.

    And we will continue to support the forecast as long as Dr. Gray and Dr. Klotzbach, his research associate, want to issue it. The university has long understood that when Dr. Klotzbach leaves the university, he will most likely take the forecast with him. Dr. Gray, who has been retired since 2004 from the university, has been positioning Dr. Klotzbach to take over the forecast – that’s nothing new.”

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  3. Roger Pielke, Jr. Says:

    Emily- Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll follow up by sending you a few questions by email for an official CSU response.