Climate Change Impacts Part of Intelligence Report

November 27th, 2008

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MSNBC reported last week that warnings and trends connected to climate change were included in the recently released “Global Trends 2025″ report issued by the National Intelligence Council.  I put this on par with the determination during the Clinton Administration that the AIDS pandemic in Africa qualified as a national security issue.  As I’ve heard before that wars over water and resources were likely in the future, the kinds of risks outlined by the National Intelligence Council are perhaps more updated than completely new.

One Response to “Climate Change Impacts Part of Intelligence Report”

  1. REgg001 Says:

    This report seems to include outdated informations when talking about 2025 expectation.

    Hydrogen power cell has been dropped as a viable solution for future usage in general public transportation . New technology has been released and/or will be release very soon to allow alot more capabilities for car to run almost exclusively on batteries. If that technology is available in 2009 and even , on the market, then why is it not in the forecasted 2025 – and why is hydrogen cell still there ?

    Electric cars is a reality (i’m not talking about current electric/gas combo cars) and will be on the market in 2009. I’m talking here about electric (wheel) motors – maybe with a small gas generator to allow even more distance to the battery life. With current technology (as i said – already available), such small generator would be using less than 1 gallon (US) per 100 miles cruising at 70-75mph on batteries on the highway.

    So someone should update his/her databank to include latest tech dev. and marketed.