ScienceDebate 2008 Borrows Tactics from the Big Three

November 30th, 2008

Posted by: admin

…automakers, that is.

I’ve never been a supporter of ScienceDebate 2008, as regular readers might remember.  For me it seemed like a lot of well-intentioned people exerting plenty of energy to produce a piece of political theater where candidates could demonstrate their ability to recite campaign documents.  That said, I found it encouraging that they would try and continue their efforts past the elections.  It was unclear exactly what they would be doing, but no sense in rushing.

The post-election report, however, shows that the organizers see no particular problem in asking for money without a plan, much like the Big Three automakers that recently flew to Washington with hat in hand.  Amidst all the discussion of a highly viewed website, lots of articles written, and media impressions made, there is but one paragraph of vague strategies for the future that read like more of the same.  What’s worse, they appear inclined to step into a science/anti-science fight that does not bode well for reasoned discussion.  Their ‘plan,’ such as it is, is simply to be ready to do the same thing in 2010.  That’s not a compelling reason to donate.  If you do want to see this effort survive, ask for specifics before you give them your dollars.  Much like many don’t want to see Detroit get money to do more of the same, I don’t want to see ScienceDebate get money to practice 20th century politics.  They should know better.

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