Some UK Researchers Required to Demonstrate Research Impact

January 25th, 2009

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The Scientist reports on a recent decision by Research Councils UK that grant applicants must submit an impact summary, describing the broader impacts of their research.  While this bears a strong resemblance to the National Science Foundation’s broader impact criteria in their grant requirements, I cannot find the specific text of the UK summary to make the direct comparison.  As a result, if there is an economic angle to the impact summary, I can see the criticism raised in The Scientist piece about the difficulty of predicting economic impacts of research.  However, I think any measure encouraging researchers to think of what happens (or could happen) with their work should be encouraged.

One Response to “Some UK Researchers Required to Demonstrate Research Impact”

  1. mitchell Says:

    Isn’t it rather up to those who use research findings to justify and implement policies to evaluate the impact of the policies, not the sience, i.e. governments? What if two independent studies come to opposite conclusions? What if the study doesn’t provide any policy recommendations?
    Science should be entirely free of policy considerations. Period.