FY 2010 Budget Roundup

May 13th, 2009

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The President’s fiscal year 2010 request was released last Thursday.  This is distinct from the budget resolution that was approved earlier.  The resolution is meant to guide the budget process in Congress.  The request is available online.  There is no federal breakout by science discipline, so various advocacy groups pick up the slack.  The closest thing to an assessment of R&D funding on its own is at the Office of Science and Technology Policy website (more on those in a few days), which provides several different cuts.  While a scorecard is usually a good idea in any budget cycle, the added stimulus spending adds an additional wrinkle.

One way of observing the different perspectives of the various science advocacy groups is to review their budget analyses.  For instance, see which organizations complain about the lack of an NIH boost (even with a $10 billion stimulus shot).  Here are a few after the jump, but feel free to see how your disciplinary society considered the budget request.

AAAS FY 2010 Budget Index

American Institute of Physics Federal Budget Requests – While they do address the NIH, it’s only one institute.

AIP Request Overview

ScienceInsider’s 2010 Budget articles

The Federation of Societies for Experimental Biology’s Federal Science Budget page – as narrowly focused as you might expect.

American Association of Medical Colleges

Association of American Universities

Most organizations tend to ignore the smaller research oriented agencies, or even the research funded through the Department of Defense.  Reasons why may vary from agency to agency, but since dollars manage to motivate most of the science policy activity in Washington, they may well explain why various groups are engaged in certain issues, but not in others.

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