Where are the eggs that were in this basket?

February 3rd, 2009

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The Pew Center released poll results of which topics were important to Americans.  Turns out, on the list of things Americans are concerned about, “Energy” ranks sixth.  In the complete report, it appears that “Energy” is short for, “Dealing with US energy problems” as a top priority.  But because nowhere are the “energy problems” defined, they can be anything from the price of gas, to the importation of oil, to the lack of energy Americans have to exercise at the end of the day.

As one looks farther down the list of the top 20 priorities, “Global Warming” ranks last (i.e. “Dealing with Global Warming”).    Yet, what I found noteworthy is that the “environment” is ranked sixteenth (i.e. “Protecting the Environment”).  The Pew Center (and thus, suggesting Americans) finds global warming, the environment, and energy to be separate issues.

Evidently, the White House feels differently then the American people.    Whitehouse.gov lumps together energy and the environment.  The agenda lists many things that would, in theory, reduce greenhouse gases and “Make the US a Leader in Climate Change.”  Interestingly, the website’s only mention of the environment is that foreign oil wreaks “havoc” on it.  Further, it appears that to speak of energy is to speak of climate change is to speak of the environment (or vice versa I suppose).

However, it’s not that energy, climate change, and the environment has been lumped together as one issue that I find interesting.   It is that climate change has been pushed onto the policy agenda relinquishing all other environmental issues… even with Americans’ concern for protecting the environment to be greater then that for dealing with climate change.

3 Responses to “Where are the eggs that were in this basket?”

  1. jae Says:

    Since when has the far left cared about what the majority thinks? They think they are there to LEAD the people into doint the “right” thing, not do what they want.

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  3. Matt Cox Says:

    This shouldn’t be surprising – energy, the environment, and climate change are all intricately linked to one another. How would you recommend parsing the three apart?

    Dealing with climate change could protect the environment and address the energy issue. I believe that’s the administration’s intention, so it should come as no surprise that “to speak of energy is to speak of climate change is to speak of the environment (or vice versa I suppose)”.

    I think the most interesting thing from that poll is political: it provides information about which frame the administration should make their pitches with most strongly.

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  5. David Says:

    I wouldn’t make too much of it. Look at the other categories: you have “economy,” but also jobs, deficit reduction, tax cuts, and trade. Look at “health care” too: separate categories for Medicare and health insurance.