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Climate Change Politics & Policy
ENVS 4100/3521

Week 6


February 21

nation-state positions & postures – is this approach really working?

Activity #1 first round of negotiations

Schneider, S.H., Rosencranz, A., Mastrandrea, M.D. and Kuntz-Duriseti, K. (eds.) (2010) Climate Change Science and Policy. Island Press: Washington, D.C.

  • Chapters 29-32


February 23

international climate law – flexible mechanisms, & REDD+

guest speaker: Professor Krister Andersson

Van Asselt, H., Sindico, F. and Mehling, M. (2008) Global climate change and the fragmentation of international law, Law & Policy 30(4), 423-449.

Carlarne, C. (2008) Good climate governance: only a fragmented system of law anyway? Law & Policy 30(4), 450-480.

Corbera, E. and Schroeder, H. (2011) Governing and implementing REDD+, Environmental Science & Policy.