Science & Environmental Communication
FYSM 1000-04

Week 2

Tuesday, September 5

  • in class work on composition #1

Reading:Bernard, S.C. (2016) Documentary Storytelling: Creative Nonfiction on Screen Focal Press, New York – Chapter 3: ‘Finding the Story’, 37-52

Thursday, September 7

  • reading discussion (co-facilitation warm ups)
  • in class work on composition #1

Readings:Cox, R. and Pezzullo, P. (2016) Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks California – 4th edition, Chapter 1 (pp. 11-30)

Gold, A.U., Oonk, D.J., Smith, L.K., Boykoff, M., Osnes, B.B., and Sullivan, S.B. (2015) ‘Lens on Climate Change: Making Climate Meaningful through Student-Produced Videos’ Journal of Geography DOI: 10.1080/00221341.2015.1013974