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Max Boykoff was quoted, cited, or referred to in the following media:

  • Maxwell Boykoff and Roger Pielke, Jr. mentioned in 25 April Time Magazine blog post on the “Climate Shift” report: Battling Over the Climate War by Bryan Walsh.
  • 25 April Greenwire article on the “Climate Shift” report: Report prompts debate, soul searching on enviros' cap-and-trade bill tactics by Jean Chemnick.
  • 14 April iNamibia article on media coverage of climate change: More climate change but is it the right climate change? by Peter Mietzner.

Lisa Dilling was quoted in 26 May Boulder Daily Camera article on the Fourmile Fire rehabilitation process: Boulder County open space committee tours Fourmile Fire burn zone by Laura Snider.

Roger Pielke, Jr., was quoted, cited, or referred to in the following news media:

  • 31 May Christian Science Monitor article on the global economy and global warming: Will recovering global economy thwart efforts to curb global warming? by Pete Spotts.
  • 25 May Swedish DN.se article on disasters and climate change: Väderkatastroferna har inte ökat – ännu by Anders Bolling.
  • 3 May Times Magazine blog post on the Canadian federal election: Canada Turns Away From Climate Policy by Bryan Walsh.
  • Rad Byerly and Roger Pielke, Jr. referenced in 29 April 2011 Space.com article on Endeavour's Shuttle Launch Delay: Endeavour's Shuttle Launch Delay Comes with Large Price Tag by Denise Chow.
  • 29 April New York Times blog post on meteorologists, tornadoes and climate change: Killer Tornadoes, Horrible and Still Unknowable by Andrew C. Revkin.
  • 27 April USA Today article on the Space Shuttle Program: Did investment in the shuttle program pay off? by Dan Vergano.
  • 27 April USA Today article on the Space Shuttle Program: Hubble tops space mission science report by Dan Vergano.
  • 27 April Arizona Republic article on the Space Shuttle Program: Shuttle trip reflects 2 journeys of resolve by John Faherty.
  • William Travis and Roger Pielke, Jr. quoted in 25 April Philadelphia Inquirer article on the increasing cost of hurricanes: As hurricanes worsen, destruction gets costly by Anthony R. Wood.
  • 25 April New York Times blog post on the “Climate Shift” report: Beyond the Climate Blame Game by Andrew C. Revkin.
  • 20 April Daily Caller article on severe weather data: Why it seems like severe weather is becoming more common when the data shows otherwise by Anthony Watts.
  • 15 April ABC News Australia article on Australian carbon tax revenue: Securing climate credibility by Leigh Ewbank.
  • 15 April Online Opinion article on Australia carbon taxes: Carbon price: what about renewable investment? by Alice Body.
  • 13 April Orlando Sentinel article on the cost of the space shuttle program: Has staggering cost of shuttle program been worth it? by Mike Thomas.
  • 31 March New York Times blog on government's technological standards on lightbulbs: Heat Over Light by Andrew C. Revkin.
  • 30 March New York Times article on the federal regulation of light bulb efficiency: Let There Be Light Bulbs by Gail Collins.
  • 27 February Denver Post article on the environmental responsibility of Attorney Generals: Battle of the states' AGs by Vincent Carroll.
  • 26 February Telegraph article on flood risks and climate change: Unscientific hype about the flooding risks from climate change will cost us all dear by Christopher Booker.
  • 25 February New York Times blog on the effects of climate change on poor countries: What if: Standing in Line for Climate Aid by Andrew C. Revkin.
  • 25 February Guardian article on libel suit under UK law against Gavin Schmidt: Real Climate faces libel suit by Shanta Barley.
  • 17 February Time Magazine blog on media attention of recent climate change studies: New Studies Show That Climate Change Is the Culprit in Extreme Rain by Bryan Walsh.
  • 17 February New York Times blog on Flood Disasters and Human-Caused Climate Change: On Storms, Warming, Caveats and the Front Page by Andrew C. Revkin.
  • 17 February ABC News article on greenhouse gas emissions and extreme weather: Study links extreme weather to climate change by David Mark and Darren Osborne.
  • 16 February Sun Sentinel article on flooding and climate change: Floods linked to manmade climate change by Gerard Wynn.
  • 10 February Wall Street Journal article on extreme weather research: The Weather Isn't Getting Weirder by Anne Jolis.
  • 28 January Energy Tribune article on 2010 record year of warm weather: Is It Really the Warmest Ever? by Joseph D’Aleo.


  • CSTPR Publication by Ursula Rick, Max Boykoff, and Roger Pielke, Jr. highlighted in 2 February Environmental Research Web article on media reporting of sea-level rise: Media reporting of sea-level rise is 'a bright spot' by Nadya Anscombe.
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