Creative climate communications
ENVS 3173/THTR 4173/ATLS 4173

Course Schedule
Week 2

Tuesday, January 24

  • external drive check-in – bring in all purchased drives (1 point)
  • further introduction of composition #1: More Than Scientists video interviews (forming groups, assigning interviewee, scheduling the interview shoot)
  • 20-minute reading discussion #1 activity

[9:45-10:15am]: Eric Michelman, More Than Scientists (via zoom/skype)

Required Readings: D2L Discussion #1

Selfe, Cynthia (2007) Multimodal Composition, Hampton Press, Inc.: Cresskill, New Jersey, 1-28.

Murch, W. (2001) In the Blink of An Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing Silman-James Press, Los Angeles, pp. 17-25 (‘The Rule of Six’, ‘Misdirection’ & ‘Seeing Around the Edge of the Frame’).


Thursday, January 26

  • vocal, physical, improvisational work/warm-up
  • work on composition #1: two-camera shoots, storyboarding & technologies by Barbara McFerrin
  • finalize arrangements for interviews (to be completed by Friday, February 3)
  • 20-minute reading discussion #2 activity

Required Readings: D2L Discussion #2

Markowitz, E., Hodge, C. and Harp, G. (2014) Connecting on Climate: A Guide to Effective Climate Change Communication, EcoAmerica & Columbia University Center for Research on Environmental Decisions – Chapter 1: Put Yourself in Your Audience’s Shoes, 5-15.

Bernard, S.C. (2016) Documentary Storytelling: Creative Nonfiction on Screen Focal Press, New York – pp. 139-146 (in ‘Planning and Pitching’).