Creative climate communications
ENVS 3173/THTR 4173/ATLS 4173

Course Schedule
Week 7

Tuesday, February 28

  • 20-minute reading discussion #8 activity

[9:30-10:15AM] Prof Peter McGraw, Psychology and Marketing, University of Colorado

Required Readings: D2L Discussion #8

Brewer, P.R. & McKnight, J. (2015) Climate as Comedy: The Effects of Satirical Television News on Climate Change Perceptions, Science Communication 1-25.

Feldman, L. (2013) Cloudy with a Chance of Heat Balls: The Portrayal of Global Warming on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, International Journal of Communication 7, 430-451.


Thursday, March 2

  • vocal, physical, improvisational work/warm-up
  • a creative climate communications backgrounder part V: possibilities & comedy examples
  • composition #2 in class work time