Culture, Politics and Climate Change
ENVS 4800

Week 10
(October 25 & 27)

COMPONENT III: THE PUBLIC – understanding, engagement, mediating images

Tuesday, October 25

Hansen, A. and Machin, D. (2009) Visually branding the environment: climate change as a marketing opportunity, Discourse Studies, 10, 777-79.

Manzo, K. (2010) Imaging vulnerability: the iconography of climate change Area, 42(1), 96-107.

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Reid, G. (2009) The climate change docudrama: challenges in simultaneously entertaining and informing audiences, in Climate Change and the Media (Boyce, T. & J. Lewis eds.) Peter Lang Publishing: London, pp. 65-79.


Thursday, October 27

  • guest speaker: Matthew Lappé, Program Officer, Alliance for Climate Education

Ungar, S. (2000). Knowledge, ignorance and the popular culture: climate change versus the ozone hole, Public Understanding of Science, 9, 297-312.