Culture, Politics and Climate Change
ENVS 4800

Week 5
(September 20 & 22)

COMPONENT II: MASS MEDIA – who speaks for the climate?

Tuesday, September 20

  • activity #1 ‘The Climate Reality Project’ write-up due

Boykoff, M. (2011) Who Speaks for the Climate? Making Sense of Media Coverage of Climate Change, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK, Chapter 6 ‘Signals and noise: covering human contributions to climate change’, 121-144.

Carvalho, A. and J. Burgess (2005) Cultural circuits of climate change in UK broadsheet newspapers, 1985-2003, Risk Analysis 25(6), 1457-1469.

Revkin, A.C. (2007) ‘Climate Change as News’ in Climate Change: What it Means for Us, Our Children, and Our Grandchildren, DiMento, J.F.C. (ed.) Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 139-159.

Gore, A. (2011) Climate of denial: can science and the truth withstand the merchants of poison? Rolling Stone, June 22.


Thursday, September 22

  • co-facilitation #4

Billett, S. (2010) Dividing climate change: global warming in the Indian mass media, Climatic Change DOI 10.1007/s10584-009-9605-3.

Harbison, R. (2006). Whatever the weather: media attitudes to reporting climate change, Panos Institute Report London.

Shanahan, M. (2009). Time to adapt? Media coverage of climate change in nonindustrialised countries, in Boyce, T. and Lewis, J. (eds) Climate Change and the Media Peter Lang Publishing: London.

Painter, J. (2010) Summoned by Science: Reporting Climate Change at Copenhagen and Beyond, RISJ Challenges Publications.