Culture, Politics and Climate Change
ENVS 4800

Week 9
(October 18 & 20)

COMPONENT III: THE PUBLIC – understanding, engagement, mediating images

Tuesday, October 18

  • individual paper topic proposals due

Dietz, T., G.T. Gardner, J. Gilligan, P.C. Stern, and M.P. Vandenberg (2009) Household actions can provide a behavioral wedge to rapidly reduce U.S. carbon emissions, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106(44), pp. 18452-18456.

Leiserowitz, A. (2006) Climate change risk perception and policy preferences: The role of affect, imagery, and values, Climatic Change. 77, 45-72.

Slocum, R. (2004) Polar bears and energy-efficient lightbulbs: strategies to bring climate change home, Environment and Planning D, 22, 413-438.

Whitmarsh, L., Seyfang, G. and O’Neill, S. (2011) Public engagement with carbon and climate change: to what extent is the public ‘carbon capable? Global Environmental Change 21(1), 56-65.


Thursday, October 20