Culture, Politics and Climate Change
ENVS 4800

Week 6
(September 27 & 29)

COMPONENT II: MASS MEDIA – who speaks for the climate?

Tuesday, September 27

Painter, J. (2010) Summoned by Science: Reporting Climate Change at Copenhagen and Beyond, RISJ Challenges Publications.

Gavin, N. (2009) The web and climate change politics: lessons from Britain? in Climate Change and the Media (Boyce, T. and J. Lewis eds.) Peter Lang Publishing: London, pp. 129-144. 

Sampei, Y. and Aoyagi-Usui, M. (2009) Mass-media coverage, its influence on public awareness of climate-change issues, and implications for Japan’s national campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Global Environmental Change, 1, 203-212.

O’Neill, S.J. and M. Boykoff (2011) The role of new media in engaging the public with climate change, (Whitmarsh, L., O’Neill, S.J. and Lorenzoni, I. (eds.)) Engaging the Public with Climate Change: Communication & Behaviour Change, Earthscan, London.


Thursday, September 29

  • team project presentation proposal due
  • guest speaker: Professor Deserai Crow, School of Journalism, University of Colorado-Boulder

Corbett, J.B. and Durfee, J.L. (2004) Testing public (un)certainty of science: media representations of global warming, Science Communication 26(2): 129-151.