Culture, Politics and Climate Change
ENVS 4800

Week 8
(October 11 & 13)

COMPONENT III: THE PUBLIC – understanding, engagement, mediating images

Tuesday, October 11

Hobsen, K. (2008) Reasons to be cheerful: Thinking sustainably in a climate changing world, Geography Compass, 2, 1-16.

Doyle, J. (2011) Mediating Climate Change Ashgate Publishing: London, Chapter 6 Sustainable Consumption? Reframing meat and dairy consumption in the politics of climate change, 123-144.

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Malka, A., J.A. Krosnick, and G. Langer (2009) The association of knowledge with concern about global warming: trusted information sources shape public thinking, Risk Analysis, 29(5), 633-647.


Thursday, October 13

  • co-facilitation #6

Nisbet, M. and J.E. Kotcher (2009) A two-step flow of influence? Opinion-leader campaigns on climate change, Science Communication 30(3), 328-354.

Wilkinson, K. (2010) Climate’s salvation? Why and how American Evangelicals are engaging with climate change, Environment, 52(2), 47-57.

Wilson, K.M. (2007) Television weathercasters as potentially prominent science communicators, Public Understanding of Science 17,  73-87.

Homans, C. (2010) Hot Air: Why TV Weathermen are Climate Skeptics, Columbia Journalism Review Jan/Feb, 24-28.