Inside the Greenhouse:
Utilizing Media to Communicate Positive Solutions for Climate Change
ENVS 3100

Course Schedule

Week 13       

Tuesday, April 8

  • co-facilitation #7

Boykoff, M. (2011) Who Speaks for the Climate? Making Sense of Media Coverage of Climate Change, Cambridge Univ Press, Chapter 8 ‘A light in the attic?’, 167-188

Osnes, B. (2014) Theater for Women’s Participation in Sustainable Development Routledge, London, Chapter 6: Conclusion – Sustaining Women’s Participation through Applied Theater (pp. 178-194)

Multi-modal/film clips


Thursday, April 10

O’Neill, Saffron and Sophie Nicholson-Cole (2009) "Fear won't do it": promoting positive engagement with climate change through visual and iconic representations, Science Communication, 30, 355-379.

Reid, G. (2009) The climate change docudrama: challenges in simultaneously entertaining and informing audiences, in Climate Change and the Media (Boyce, T. & J. Lewis eds.) Peter Lang Publishing: London, 65-79.

Slocum, Rachel (2004) Polar bears and energy-efficient lightbulbs: strategies to bring climate change home, Environment and Planning D, 22, 413-438.