Inside the Greenhouse:
Utilizing Media to Communicate Positive Solutions for Climate Change
ENVS 3100

Course Schedule

Week 14     

Tuesday, April 15

  • vocal and physical warm up
  • in class time for planning of ITG process & product

Sarah Joy Steele and Ben Drummond,via skype

Multi-modal/film clips


Thursday, April 17

  • co-facilitation #9

Revkin, A.C. (2007) ‘Climate Change as News’ in Climate Change: What it Means for Us, Our Children, and Our Grandchildren, DiMento, J.F.C. (ed.) Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 139-159.

Multi-modal/film clips explore the Dot Earth blog specifically, check out these recent posts by Andrew Revkin:

Friday, April 18

‘Inside the Greenhouse’ with Andrew Revkin and Dar Williams, 7:30pm,       
Macky Auditorium, Boulder, Colorado